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Welcome to the website of the Hahnemann Institute Sydney
Home of The Bönninghausen Repertory (TBR)

The aim of our institute is to research, further develop, and teach all matters pertaining to orthodox Homœopathy as founded and developed by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. Our continued focus and direct examination of the primary sources of our literary heritage has provided us with the strong view that one needs to be familiar with the past in order to move ahead confidently into the future.


Of great importance to the members of our group is the methodical application of omoion (similars) within the clinical situation. We support the view that the similimum, in every case, is to be based only on known and reliable provings & toxicological data. As a result of the literary research carried out over many years, our members utilise The Bönninghausen Repertory (TBR2) as their primary repertorial source in guiding them to the precise remedy choice as confirmed through reference to our source materia medica.


We welcome visitors to this site who wish to deepen their understanding of real Homœopathy, learn of our research work, download the articles made freely available and learn more about the benefits of TBR2 and our other publications.






In 2023 HISydney ran the inaugural HISydney TBRm teacher certification programme comprising a 6-month series of online sessions designed to extend the level of knowledge and application of TBRm at a level sufficient for on-teaching to others, with graduates receiving full certification as teachers of this TBR method of repertory from HISydney. Read about our successful graduates here 


“Dr von Bönninghausen, by the publication of the characteristic symptoms of homœopathic medicines and his repertory has rendered a great service to Homœopathy.”

Samuel Hahnemann. Organon 6th edition

Hahnemann Institute Sydney is excited to announce our involvement with this ground breaking collabrative homoeopathic conference to be held in Phoenix Arizona in September this year. 

See below links for more information on the conference and the speakers.

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The Bönninghausen Repertory - Therapeutic Pocketbook Method 

edited by George Dimitriadis

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TBR2.1 Computer Program

  • Online cloud based subscription 

  • Windows, Mac, Linux

  • Intuitive, Fast and Efficient

  •  Comparitive Rubrica Medica

  • Explanatory rubric endnotes

  • Easy search function

  • Hahnemann’s Materia Medica

  • Patient record database

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The Therapeutic Pocketbook of Bönninghausen Original Mauscript

* program designed and engineered by Riccardo Perin -  Kosmos Technologies di Perin R. & C. s.n.c.

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