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Now available as cloud based program:

The Bönninghausen Repertory (TBR 2.1)

edited by George Dimitriadis
program designed and engineered by Riccardo Perin -  Kosmos Technologies di Perin R. & C. s.n.c.

  • Runs on Windows,  Mac or Linux 

  • Easy to use, Fast and Efficient to Repertorise

  • Comparitive Rubrica Medica

  • Detailed Endnotes with rubric meaning clarification

  • Includes Patient Database

  • Hahnemann’s Materia Medica

TBR2 cover-edit 2.jpg

View short video highlighting features of program here:  


For one months free trial please contact us at: 


"The simplicity of this repertory is matched by the simplicity of the software. It took me very little time to learn to use it and I find it very quick and easy in practice."

"As an ex-programmer/analyst I do appreciate the program and the effort that went into it. It's simple, intuitive and allows for easy discovery."


"I love that the new software layout has the extensive endnotes easily in view so that I can continually read them to make sure I’m thinking critically to use the most appropriate rubric possible."

TBR2.1 now available as cloud based subscription service
Packages available for Windows, Mac & LInux

Subscription prices per month

First 3 years -    26 EUR, 31 USD,  42 AUD

4th & 5th year - 21 EUR, 26 USD,  31 AUD

6th +year -         15 EUR, 21 USD,  26 AUD

Subscription prices per year
First 1- 3 years
285 EUR, 340 USD,  455 AUD


Start your monthy subscription
Includes any upgrades and  modifications

Monthly subscription 
26 EUR, 31 USD, 42 AUD 

Start your annual subscription
Includes any upgrades and  modifications
payment by bank transfer or card (price incl. fee)

Yearly subscription/bank transfer

285 EUR, 340 USD, 455 AUD  

Yearly subscription/card

296 EUR, 353 USD, 479 AUD  

If you would like to sign up for a one month free trial of the TBR2 cloud based program please contact us at:

All inquiries please contact:

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