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George Dimitriadis is one of a handful of individuals in the world today who possess an in-depth knowledge of classical Hahnemannian homœopathy. He is a scholar and an excellent prescriber. I have known him personally, and have followed his efforts to establish Hahnemannian homœopathy in Australia. His thorough, scientific approach does great service to classical homœopathy in general, and adds prestige to the profession. We are proud to have him in our ranks as a superb, scientific defender of the cause of homœopathy.


George Vithoulkhas, Allonisos Greece



George Dimitriadis' work for homœopathy is of the greatest importance for our profession! In my estimation, his understanding and furthering of the work of Hahnemann and Bönninghausen is simply unparalleled. He is also a phenomenal teacher. I highly recommend this course to everyone, whether they are a beginning student or the most advanced practitioner. The results will speak for themselves. 

 Kim Elia, California, U.S



Having had the privilege of discussing Bönninghausen's Therapeutic Pocketbook [TBR2] with George, I can only say that I am thoroughly impressed with the level of real scholarship I see. I value any opportunity to learn from this gifted teacher and researcher. His eye for detail and thoroughness are impressive. His writing style and extensive footnotes offer the reader clarity and simplicity with the option of depth and further elaboration. Wow. I am a total fan. Just get anything he does. 

 Joe Kellerstein ND, Toronto, Canada



Your work is truly remarkable. I am slowly gaining an appreciation for the mount of work you put into this and how fruitful it is for clinical application and how vital it is for the profession


Jamie Oskin, Arizona



I am struck by your scholarly and detailed approach to the TT and would like to thank you for your dedication to this important task.


Russell Malcolm, Glasgow,UK



…I am in possession of all of George's published works as far as I'm aware, including,"Homeopathic Diagnosis" which I consider a model of how a good Hahnemannian education should be organized. It's a really excellent work.


Rob Bannan, Wilmington, DE 

've received the book. This is such a wealth of information. I am glad that I ordered it.


Yuri Kagolovsky

Thank you for the excellent work you and your husband and colleagues are doing. Despite needing to questions ideas and methods I have adopted and used over many years, I find the return to understanding these simple yet more rigorous and frankly more elegant methods very stimulating and exciting indeed. 

Latifa Weinman, Taos.  NM



Thank you George for a fascinating journey, for kicking the stool out from beneath what I thought I knew and for a deeper understanding of what I do know.  Your dedication to uncovering the truth is inspiring, and although I perceive that I do not have the time nor desire to devote to this field of research, I can hang on to your coat-tails, with an appreciation that there is no other source of contemporary homoeopathic information more detailed and accurate than your own.

David Chapman, British Columbia


Some 3 year ago I bought yours Boenninghausen Repertory  and  about 5years ago Homeopathic Diagnosis. I want to write that  the works you had done have an excellent results in my pratice - for some 30 ys I had been practicing homeopathy in Kentian way wondering how the old masters could do so marvellous cures with "so little" symptoms probably without spending 3-4hs on questioning the patient and  going into  psychoanalytic mood of interpratations. Now with the help of your books  and the concept shown in them I am much closer to the answer.

Living in Spain I am re-arranging all my homeopathic knowledge and experiences and I am really thankful for the job you have  done  for homeopathy, and for me personally. 

Robert Zawiślak Zarzycki, Spain

I would like to cumpliment you very much for your efforts... congratulations and thank you very much to bringing light to classical homeopathy.  

Dr Christiano Gondim, Brazil

Testimonials following Pharmacography lecture series taught by George Dimitriadis

I loved the course; I looked forward to each seminar, I learnt so much... I have a much better appreciation of Hahnemann's Materia Medica and now I much prefer to read these as I gain a much fuller and clearer understanding of what the medicine is capable of producing rather than reading summaries of symptoms and other's interpretations of the remedies that we see in most of the other Materia Medicas.

Michelle George, Nowra, Australia



I would like to say a big THANK YOU for the effort and professionalism you have put into the development and organisation of this GREAT course. ...I now have a better feel for how to understand the patient's disease and use the Sx to the best advantage in Rx selection... Organisation, logic, and emphasis on evidence has given me renewed confidence in Homœopathy... Again it is the emphasis on evidence and science that has given me more confidence to discuss the effectiveness of Homœopathy with others outside the profession.

Lyne Cuneen, Sydney, Australia

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