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Cases Solved Using TBR2

Cases demonstrating TBR2 method

01. A Case of Gout and Travel Sickness

- Jacqui Dimitriadis


02. A Case of Heightened Mental State

- Jacqui Dimitriadis


03. A Case of Otitis Media

- Philip Johnstone


04. A Case of Allergic Reactivity

- Ken D'Aran


05. A Case of Dentigerous Cyst

- Ken D'Aran


06. A Case of Vertigo

- Michelle George


07. A Case of Hemiparesis

-Jamie Oskin


08. A Jealous Boy

-Jamie Oskin


09. A Case of Chronic Diarrhoea

-Michelle George

10. Insomnia for 40 years 

-Jacqui Dimitriadis


11. Acute reoccuring severe abdominal pain 

-Jacqui Dimitriadis 












The individualising examination of a case of disease,… of which the practitioner will bear in mind only what is applicable for each individual case, demands of the physician nothing but freedom from prejudice and sound senses, attention in observing and fidelity in tracing the picture of the disease.

Hahnemann S, The Organon, Aph.83


To achieve the best results using TBR2 it is necessary to carefully question the patient, so as to elicit the specific information as listed below, in order to ‘complete’ the case as fully as possible, though sometimes it’s not possible to determine all details completely.

  • Main Complaint

  • Location of the Main Complaint

  • Consistent/defining Modalities of Main Complaint

  • Concomitant symptom

  • Modalities of Concomitant symptom

  • Concordances – when applicable


The following case examples are submitted by HIS members and colleagues, in order to further demonstrate the simplicity and effectiveness of this method. I hope to add to this selection of cases and therefore welcome further case examples from readers who have some experience using TBR2 method in their own clinics.


We welcome any further contribution of cases solved using TBR.

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