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Therapeutic Pocketbook Method
Edited by George Dimitriadis
“Dr von Bönninghausen, by the publication of the characteristic symptoms of homœopathic medicines and his repertory has rendered a great service to Homœopathy.”
Samuel Hahnemann. Organon 6th edition.

In our early years of practice, we became aware of the great clinical value of Bönninghausen’s Therapeutisches Taschenbuch (TT), which of all the repertories best represents the teachings and intentions of Hahnemann. However, we soon realised that the publications of the work available at the time were inadequate. Many errors had crept in over the years – due to mistakes in translation, printing errors and uncertified additions.


The TT English Language Republication Project took five years to complete and resulted in the publication (2000) of the 1st edition of THE BÖNNINGHAUSEN REPERTORY–Therapeutic Pocketbook Method (TBR). The result was an accurate re-translation and rendering of all rubrics from the original, each referenced to its German TT counterpart, with a section of explanatory endnotes to the rubrics.


A decade later in 2010, due to a growing demand, the 2nd edition was published after a complete re-checking and correction against the newly accessed original TT manuscript, adding many more explanatory endnotes and references to materia medica original sources. Very detailed introductory articles were also added. We are finally satisfied that TBR2  is by far the most reliable and accurate repertory available.

Original manuscript
Each rubric in TBR carefully and painstakingly checked and verified from the original manuscript



“This uncertainty and imperfection, besides all the prolixity, which are sufficiently known to every homœopathic physician, induced me several years ago to search for an arrangement, which would set aside the above mentioned defects at least so far, as this was possible, according to the state of our science, and I have gratefully to acknowledge the excellent advice, my late friend and master, Hahnemann, has given me in an uninterrupted correspondence.”




Münster, Octbr. 1845

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TBR Endnotes

Often the medical terminology along with the vocabulary of the day is difficult for us to interpret and understand. The beauty of the endnotes is that they clarify the intended meaning of the rubric by referring directly back to the materia medica entries. Not only are these endnotes invaluable in solving the case but also a great deal can be gleaned from studying them individually. 


'Life is short, the Art long, the opportunity fleeting, experience fallible, the decision is difficult'



Homœopathic Diagnosis

HOMŒOPATHIC DIAGNOSIS - Hahnemann through Bönninghausen
By George Dimitriadis.

Following the publication of the TBR 1st edition, a number of requests were made for a written work detailing the application of the repertorial method of Bönninghausen. In response to these requests and after much consideration and careful planning, George published Homœopathic Diagnosis–Hahnemann through Bönninghausen (DHD)


DHD is a two-part instructional manual detailing the concept, construction, and application of the repertorial method of Bönninghausen, with over fifty case exercises illustrating the application of TBR, the revived English re-translation of Bönninghausen’s Therapeutisches Taschenbuch (Therapeutic Pocketbook).


We are confident this work will be found highly informative and useful, by student and practitioner alike and will enhance your present understanding of this logical and highly successful method of practice.


Below is an extract from a review by George Guess*


…I personally find this method of case analysis to be quite elegant in its simplicity and impressive in its efficacy. Although I have been employing it in my own practice but a short while, I have already had it come to my rescue, as it were, in more than a few cases…


…I strongly recommend this book to all practicing homeopaths and homeopathic students. I believe that it will some day be regarded as a classic homeopathic text. "Homœopathic Diagnosis" is a work of impeccable scholarship and a perfect companion piece to TBR, almost essential, in my opinion, for the proper application of TBR.


*Originally published in American Journal of Homeopathic Medicine Volume 97 Number 4



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