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Our Clinic

 Hahnemann Homœopathic Medicine Centre 
Promoting Health through Homœopathy Since 1985 
Specialists in Homœopathic Medicine 

George Dimitriadis BSc (UNSW), DHom (Syd), DHom MCCH (Eng), FHom (UK),GHIH (Syd) 

George has been in homoeopathic practice since 1985, and is experienced in treating a wide range of physical and emotional conditions. His degree in anatomy/physiology with a major in neuro-science, assures a sound background for understanding complex and serious illnesses. George is very active within the profession as the founder of the Hahnemann Institute Sydney and a well-respected researcher and author of homoeopathic literature. He lectures regularly both in Australia and internationally. 



Jacqualine Dimitriadis GDHom (Syd),GHIH (Syd),DNut. (Syd) 

Jacqui, who has also studied nutrition, has been practicing Homoeopathy for the past twenty five years and finds Homoeopathy to be the most logical and reliable method for treating her patients. She has experience helping patients of all ages with their health concerns. She has a particular interest in improving the health of children and teenagers and also in treating their behavioural problems, including learning difficulties. She finds it particularly rewarding to see these younger patients thrive, following treatment with Homoeopathy. 


  • Clinics in Parramatta and Blaxland in the Lower Blue mountains. 

  • Appointments available Monday – Saturday 

  • Skype consults available

  • Inquiries welcome

  • For more info see also :

Suite 14, Level 1, 410 Church Street
Parramatta NSW 2150 Sydney Australia

Ph 61 2 86280451 a.h. 0412402244 

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